Lenovo Smart Clock Essential - Soft Touch Gray

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About this Item

Key Features
  • Google Assistant Built-In
  • 4" LED Display
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • USB Port for Charging Your Mobile Device
  • 3W Power Output
  • 1.5" Full-Range Driver
  • Built-In Nightlight
  • Mute Switch Disables Microphones

Start and end your day conveniently with the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. The Google Assistant and Wi-Fi connectivity are built-in, enabling you to set up daily routines to help you start or end your day on the right foot by controlling compatible lights, door locks, and more. The 1.5" full-range driver outputs up to 3W to wake you up to your favorite sound or song. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream from another smart device, and the USB port lets you charge your smartphone or other mobile device. The rear-mounted mute switch disables the microphone to help alleviate your privacy concerns.

Engineered for Functionality

The LED display is designed to be bright, easy to read, and visible from nearly any angle or across the room. If you're focused on something else, you can ask "Google, what time is it?," and the clock will answer you. Check the weather before going out, set timers or reminders for cooking or managing the kids' screen times, add items to your shopping list, and more with the Google Assistant.

Built-In Nightlight

The built-in 31-lumen nightlight lets you get up at night without stumbling around, having to carry your phone, or waking up other family members with ceiling lights. Additionally, the LED digits are just bright enough to allow you to see your surroundings, yet dim enough to foster a healthy sleep environment.

Enjoy Your Favorite Audio

Stream your favorite music playlists, radio stations, audiobooks, podcasts, and more by asking Google. You can also cast from a music app with the cast button in the app. With multiroom functionality, you can add the Smart Clock Essential to a speaker group to play media across multiple devices and rooms.

Control Your Smart Home

With the Google Assistant built-in, you can control over 40,000 devices from 5000 brands. Ask Google to set the temperature, dim the lights, and more. The USB port on the back can charge your smartphone or smart watch. You can also make a household-wide announcement by broadcasting to other compatible speakers or smart clocks throughout the house. Stream your favorite shows, movies, or music to your compatible TV or speakers with just your voice.

Onboard Buttons

  • Microphone mute on/off
  • Volume up/down
  • Play
  • Alarm
  • Snooze the alarm by tapping anywhere on the speaker top
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