Igloohome - Smart Lock Blutooth Keybox with App/Keypad/Electronic Guest Key Access - Black

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  • Keybox 3

    The smart lock that’s bigger, better, and smarter The igloohome Smart Keybox 3 is a smart lockbox that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval.

  • 2 Modes of Access

    Create and send PIN codes to family, friends, and guests for easy access. You can unlock the Keybox 3 using a App key, as long as you are using a smartphone that is within range.

  • Loaded with More

    Now with double the space, the Keybox 3 lets you store more. With secure storage for your house keys, access cards, or even car fobs, the interior is spacious enough to handle multiple items at once. There’s even a pocket inside to keep your valuables from falling out.

  • Versatile and Universally Adaptable

    The Keybox 3 comes equipped with two different shackle sizes, so that it can be placed on different sized door knobs, handles, or even fences. It can also be mounted on walls or firm structures for permanent placement. No complicated installation needed.

  • Always at your service, rain or shine

    The Keybox 3 has been tested to withstand dust and light rain. It’s IP66 certified and built with heavy-duty materials to ensure durability and resistance to impact. Plus, it’s scratch resistant to protect your door.

  • Safe & Secure

    Grant access anytime, anywhere. With the igloohome mobile app, send PIN codes and App keys from wherever you are. Our unique algoPIN™ technology ensures secure encryption and synchronization.

  • Choose Your Access

    Choose from a one-time PIN, duration PIN, recurring PIN, or permanent PIN to customize your visitors’ access.

  • Access Logs

    Access logs are provided to enable tracking when visitors come and go. Greater visibility for greater peace of mind.

  • Syncs with Airbnb

    If you host on Airbnb, you can synchronize your listings with your Keybox 3. Automatically send guests a PIN code that’s only valid for the duration of their stay.

  • Security Lockout Mode

    If an invalid PIN is entered 5 times, security lockout mode is enabled and the Keybox 3 will stop operating for 1/5/10 minutes.

  • Auto Relock

    The Keybox 3 automatically relocks after being shut. If the lock box is unlocked but remains closed, it will automatically lock after 30 seconds. An alert will be triggered if the lock isn’t locked within a certain period of time.

  • Decoy Security Code

    Enter up to 8 random digits before your password to reduce the risk of a PIN code being exposed to onlookers.

  • Emergency Jumpstart

    When the batteries are drained or low, use an external USB-C connected to a power bank to give your Keybox 3 a boost and provide emergency power.