Edifier W200BT - Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

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Edifier W200BT - Bluetooth Headphones

Do you like going out to practice sport while listening to your favorite music but you can't find comfortable headphones? Do you want to hear the sound of your favorite games without the hassle of headset? These new Edifier W200BT - Bluetooth Headphones are the ideal solution for you. Finding small headphones that allow a spectacular sound is very difficult to achieve, but Edifier will convince you thanks to its many advantages. Come and discover them!

Designed for athletes

These small headphones, the new Edifier W200BT - Bluetooth Headphones, are designed to be used in all situations, especially during sports activities thanks to its strap. Designed to be small and easy to carry, thanks to their box, they are developed with an ergonomic design, which makes them weightless and also offers great comfort during use. Moreover, you will be able to attach them thanks to its magnetic hook that makes it easy to transport. You will enjoy it!

Easy to connect and secure

They have bluetooth v5.0 technology, the highest we can find on the market, thus allowing greater assurance that we will hear everything we set out to do without any problem. In addition, they are developed with CVC technology to have a microphone with noise cancellation. This allows the headphones to have a spectacular sound, of a great quality both when listening to music and when making calls. In addition, you will be able to use them under the rain thanks to their IPX4 certificate. Designed for you!

Large battery with quick charge

Thanks to their charging box, they can be used for up to 7 hours until they are completely discharged and, if needed, can be easily charged. You will spend a lot of time listening to your favorite music, receiving and making calls and playing your favorite games until the battery runs out. Enjoy music with the new Edifier W200BT - Bluetooth Headphones you will find in PowerPlanetOnline.