BIRD BUDDY® Original Smart Bird Feeder with Camera Solar Powered. High Resolution AI Camera for Beautiful Close-up Shots and a Unique Bird Watching Experience

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  • 🐦 A Beautiful Bird Feeder for Your Backyard 🐦 Birdwatching with your binoculars is a thing of the past! Bird Buddy is a solar powered bird feeder with smart camera that notifies you of any feathered visitors via an app on your phone. It also takes their photos, and organizes them into a beautiful collection to admire and easily share with your friends and family. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it recognizes over 1,000 bird species. Including that rare one you've always wondered about!
  • 🐦 Bird Species Recognition 🐦 Capture unique close-ups and recognize almost every bird species with this high-resolution bird box camera! You could never get as close to your shy feathered friends as your Bird Buddy camera can. With its smart AI bird feeder camera, Bird Buddy will instantly recognize all the birds that visit you, while you fill up your album with pictures of all the bird species that live in your region!
  • 🐦 Bird Arrival Notification 🐦 Bird Buddy bird feeder with camera will notify you whenever a bird stops by. It's one of those rare notifications on your phone that actually make you feel better, not worse! All you need is a Wi-Fi connection!
  • 🐦 Modern bird-friendly design 🐦 Bird Buddy smart bird feeder has a modern bird-friendly design with a protective roof. It comes with a clear back that offers the birds a better visibility of the seeds, thus quickly attracting them to the feeder. The rear door snaps open and shut for easy refilling. The seed capacity is 3.8 cups or 0.9 liters. You can use the included hanger and bottom mount to hang Bird Buddy from a tree or attach it to a pole, wall or fence.
  • 🐦 In-App Learning Experience 🐦 The built-in camera automatically takes pictures of birds that stop by. Even if you miss a rare bird, your smart bird feeder will send you a postcard. The app also provides exciting hints for attracting new species. Browse the app’s tips and tricks to learn what kind of bird food will attract specific species.