Tineco Floor ONE S7 Steam Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Steam Mop All-in-One, Floor Washer for Sticky Mess Clean Up on Hard Floors with Digital Display, Self-Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Safe for Kids & Pets

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  • 3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop and Steam – Clean Up in One Step: Clean and steam your hard floors simultaneously to achieve a deep clean while cutting your cleaning time in half.
  • Eliminate Tough Messes with 284° F HyperSteam Technology: Hot, 284° F (140° C) steam melts away grease and stains, while a soft roller gently cleanses floors with fresh water for a thorough clean. Two steam modes effectively tackle various types of tough stains.
  • Continuous Clean-Brush Washing with MHCBS Technology: Keep your floors spotless with the MHCBS technology. It efficiently recycles dirty water with a reliable internal brush scraper, continually washing and rinsing with fresh water at a constant 450 rotations per minute (RPMs).
  • Cordless, Lightweight, Self-Propelling Cleaning – The cordless and lightweight design with self-propulsion gives you complete freedom to clean wherever and whenever you want, without virtually any restrictions or fatigue.
  • Multi-Step Self-Cleaning System: Use fresh water and heated steam to deep-clean the brush roller and tubing thoroughly, along with centrifugal drying that effectively removes water to prevent recontamination.